Equipment Control Overview

Equipment Control Overview

Equipment Control 

The equipment module is used to monitor Equipment moving within your business. Equipment is most commonly Chep/Loscam pallets but could also include a stillage, IBC, keg, cages, or anything else. 

Equipment Control Module must be enabled in Rates and Modules (Settings > General > Global Setup) further details can be found here

Step by Step Guide

1. Setup your Equipment Type List (Settings > Lists and Zones > Equipment Type List ) more detail on this setup can be found here. Equipment Type List
2. Decide on settings required with regards to the level of control you would like over managing your equipment
    1. Go to Global Setup (Settings > General > Global Setup)
    2. Scroll down to the Modules section and select which options you want enabled. More details can be found here. Device Settings - Modules
    3. Additionally this can be activated and deactivated for individual devices within the individual devices from the Device List (Home > Devices and Locations > Device List)
3. Equipment counts can be declared and confirmed at various stages of the consignment process
  1. Upon consignment creation and also via EDI the type of equipment can be declared. Equipment - Consignment Creation
  2. Through Depot scanning staff can set what type of equipment each item is e.g. when doing depot in scans, the type of equipment can be set. Equipment - Scanning
  3. Upon delivery drivers enter the quantity of pallets given and taken and also reminded upon completion to exchange. Equipment - Delivery
Equipment transactions relating to individual consignments are displayed within the History Tab of each consignment and running balances and transactions according to each site or driver are viewed within Equipment Balances (Reports > Modules > Equipment Balances) Equipment Balance

Advanced Option

Additionally to this we have our Advanced Equipment Option. Details can be found here.  Advanced Mobile Equipment

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