Quick Pickup and Delivery Type consignments

Quick Pickup and Delivery Type consignments

In TransVirtual there is the ability to obtain a signature for an item that does not yet exist as part of any consignment in your account.
This concept is referred to as performing a "Quick Pickup" or "Quick Delivery".
This article will detail how to utilize this function in TransVirtual.

Please note that these functions should not replace normal operating process - the most ideal solution to no consignment data is to request it from the customer and then action from there; however, if no data is possible, using these functions can assist.

How to

To begin, the below setting must be enabled within your account:

The above setting is found within a customer card (Home > Card Files > Customer List > Consignment Related Rules OR Transport > Configuration and Setup Card Files > Consignment Related Rules tab within each applicable Customer Card).
The function of this setting is as per the below:

You will need to enable this for every customer you wish to be able to perform these types of pickups/deliveries for.
It is also important to note that each item you scan using this process will be treated as its own unique consignment - 1 item per consignment for this process.

Once the above setting is enabled, you may need to allow for around 10-15 minutes for the changes to flow through to the device (usually though, the changes flow through more quickly than this).

Quick Pickup

To perform a Quick Pickup go to the Scans page of the mobile app:

Then select the scan type as Picked Up:

Scan the barcode of the item you wish to pickup:

You will then see the option as per the above image to click QUICK PICKUP SIGN.
Click this button and you will then see the below or similar to be able to select the appropriate customer for this pickup:

From here, you then are taken to a page to enter a sender name and obtain a signature for the pickup:

Get it signed for as you normally would.
This will create a connote in your account with the number as per the scanned value of the item you just signed as Picked Up.
Initially, the sender details will likely say Unknown Pre GPS Lookup, but give this a few minutes and the system will look for GPS data from the device and use this to populate the sending address, like so:

Quick Delivery

To perform a Quick Delivery it is much the same process as the above, the key difference being the initial scan type set.
Whilst this functionality exists, the preferred method to load unknown consignment data onto your device is to create sub-dockets
Go to the scan page and scan the item in question using the On Delivery scan type:

Scan the item and then select QUICK DELIVERY SIGN:

Select the relevant customer:

Obtain a signature and complete the delivery:

The system then will use the GPS from the device to populate the receiver address details against the relevant consignment in your account in the same way per the earlier image from the Pickup process.

Things to Note

It is important to note that with both the Pickup and Delivery functions above, you have the ability to perform a check weight cube for the scanned item using the WEIGHT CHECK button:

Clicking this brings you to this screen:

Change to what you require then click the green/white arrow at the bottom to implement the changes and then perform the pickup/delivery as per the above instruction.

GPS will need to enabled on your device for this functionality to work as expected.

Also, it is possible to be able to perform a Quick Pickup and then scan the same item and perform a Quick Delivery - however, typically this would not be needed (you would normally use one or the other). If doing this, note that the sending address may be overwritten. Once the Quick Pickup has been performed on an item, this item now exists as a connote in your account meaning you will be able to Load scan and deliver as per normal - no need to Quick Deliver the item and as a result, this would be the advised process.

If the item is not a pickup then you would simply perform the Quick Delivery and bypass the Quick Pickup stage.

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