Creating Sub Consignments On Mobile

Creating Sub Consignments On Mobile

Creating Sub Consignments On Mobile

Transvirtual allows users the ability to create subdockets via the mobile application. 
The main reason to create subdockets is due to there being no existing consignment data in your system
To do this, see the below.



Step 1 - 

Scan barcode for the freight in which you wish to create a subdocket.
If there is no matching data in the system, you will be prompted to create a subdocket, as per below:

Click yes to create a sub consignment/docket/sub docket.

Step 2 -

The first screen you will see in the process will be as per below:

Ensure you take all relevant photos and then select next.

Depending on your settings in global set up, you may be required to enter a customer:

Step 3 -

Fill out the sender and receiver details appropriately.


Step 4 -

Once you enter all the details into the subdocket it will create in your account.

Home > Consignment Actions > Sub Consignments
See below link which will provide you with an article on how to convert this subdocket into a consignment.

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