Linking TransVirtual Accounts

Linking TransVirtual Accounts

Linking TransVirtual Accounts

Linking TransVirtual accounts is easy, by linking accounts you will be able to transmit data between yourself and your agent/customer.
To link TransVirtual accounts, you need to ensure that:

- The customer/agent has TransVirtual
- You have their TransVirtual account number
- You have permission from your customer/agent 
- You have the visible alerts turned on in your login

Account Linking is only possible with a 1-1 type relationship; if you have multiple accounts with a 'linked' agent (they also use TransVirtual), you will need to request an integration setup between your accounts instead.
Businesses such as Freight Managers/Brokers tend to have multiple accounts with agent/carriers and would thus require an integration setup rather than an account link as this article details.  

Step 1 - Visible Alerts

The first step is to ensure you have the correct visible alerts turned on in your TransVirtual account.
You can do this by going to your name in the top right hand corner clicking down and selecting "Profile".
Alternatively you can go to Transport > Configuration and Setup > Card Files > Staff (Users) > Find your login > Click in
Old Menu Home > Card Files > Staff List
Once you are in your login settings, you can select a range of visible alerts, you will need to tick on both agent and customer link requests:

So now when a link request is sent, this designated login will be able to see and action said request.

Now that you have alerts turned on, you can get your customer/agent TransVirtual number and request a link in the desired data flow direction.

TransVirtual Number

To see your own TransVirtual number, you just need to go to the main TransVirtual home page, which can be found by selecting the logo in the top left hand corner:

The number will be found in the bottom left "System Information" box:

Your customer/agent will need to provide their own TransVirtual number to you so that you can enter it into their customer/agent card file.

Now that you have your customer/agent TransVirtual number, you can request the link.
To do this go to the customer or agent card file page Transport > Configuration and Setup > Card Files > Customer Or Agent page.
Old Menu Home > Card Files > Customer or Agent
Then you can either select to create a new customer or agent in the top right hand corner or request a link within an already created card as shown below:

Option 1: Create the link through a new customer card

Option 2: Going into an existing card file and select the request link button

Once you have sent this request, the customer or agent you requested a link with will receive a notification in which they will need to accept the link.
They can either select to create a new card file or they can create a link with an existing card file in their account.
The request will look like this:

Click the bell icon at the top!

They can then click on the request which will take them to a new page:


The above is how to link in either direction, ensure that you have liaised with your customer or agent to get this link up and running.
Always ensure to check and test the link to ensure data is flowing correctly and as expected.
If you are the customer in the link arrangement you will need to determine how consignments are assigned to your linked agent. Assignment to the agent account is how the connotes are replicated in their account.
Consignments can be manually assigned via the Allocation Page, manually assigned within the history tab of a consignment or via Auto-Assignment.
As the agent actions the consignments, PODs and the like will flow back and update the relevant consignment in your account. 

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