Delivery (ios)

Delivery (ios)

The Delivery page is used to perform deliveries and pickups on the device

Once you have Loaded Consignments onto your device. Click Here for further information on doing this.


Upon entering the Delivery page you will be presented with the below screen where you will see your list of Deliveries and Pickups

Deliveries are identified by the icon, whilst pickups are denoted by the icon.
Tap on the delivery/pickup info or icon to view additional info as below

Otherwise tap on the or icons to open the consignment.

Deliveries will appear like the below

whilst pickups will appear as below

Grouping Consignments

In TransVirtual when delivering Multiple consignments to the same location TransVirtual will group these together as below so only one signature needs to be obtained for the delivery

In the event you have multiple consignments and these have not linked automatically you can tap on the icon and you will see check boxes appear beside your consignments

Tick all the consignments related to the one location and tap Group and Deliver from the bottom of the screen
You will now be able to deliver these consignments as one delivery

Return To Depot

In the delivery page you are also able to remove consignments from your delivery page dependent on your business processes
Select the icon from the top of the delivery page and you will see check boxes appear alongside your consignments

Tick all the consignments you would like to remove and put back to In Depot
Tap on Return to Depot and these will be removed

Sorting Deliveries

In the delivery page you can also change the delivery/display order of your consignments
Select the and you will be presented with the below screen

Press and hold on the icon beside the consignment you wish to move and drag this up or down the list as required
Additionally you can also reverse the order of the consignments
Select Done when complete


Within the Delivery page you will also see the icon
This allows you to access available menu options within this page as below

  1. Logout - Logs the current user out of this device
  2. Settings - Access the device related settings
  3. Clear - This will clear all deliveries from the Delivery page

Adding Consignments

Within the page dependent on your TransVirtual Settings you can add further deliveries directly to the delivery page
In the Delivery page you will see the below

You can tap in the Enter/Scan Barcode box and type in a consignment/barcode number or additionally tap the icon to activate the camera to scan the barcode

Performing Delivery

To perform a delivery tap on the icon beside the consignment or use the to activate camera and scan the barcode of the freight
You will then be presented with the below screen

Activate the camera and scan all barcodes for this freight to record 'At Location' scans on the freight and ensure all items are present
Once all scanned you will see as below the scan count is 2/2

Sign and Deliver

Now if performing a successful delivery and obtaining a signature tap on Sign and Deliver and you will be presented with the below screen

Tap on the Enter Receiver's Name box and type in their name, the receiver should then sign in the White box as below

If required you can tap on Clear to remove the signature and try again.

Then tap on Complete Delivery and delivery is completed

Delivery Issue

If unable to obtain a signature for delivery you should select Delivery Issue and you will be presented with the screen below

Select the Delivery type from the drop down as below by tapping on the icon

In the below we have selected Left as Instructed

Additionally within delivery issues we can add a comment related to the delivery issue or un check any items we may not have in performing this delivery resulting in a short
We can now tap on Complete Delivery to finalise this delivery

Additional Options

Extra Charges

With the signature or delivery issue pages you can tap on icon to add any additional services
You will the be presented with the below screen

Tap on the icon beside an additional service to add and you will see the below screen

You can change the quantity of the service provided and any associated notes and then select Save


If a photo on delivery is required or necessary as per your processes you can select the icon
You will then be presented with the below screen

Tap on Take Photo and this will activate the camera, tap the  icon to take the photo
You can then either choose to tap and save by pressing the icon or tap the icon to delete and potentially try again
Once you have taken your photos you have the ability to classify these as either a General Image which is selected by default or tap on the icon and change the image type

Options will appears as below

  1. Damage - Any photos of damage on the freight
  2. General - Any non-specific images related to the consignment for records
  3. Left Instr - Photos relating to the location any freight is to be left
  4. Paper POD - Images of paperwork where signatures for delivery have been obtained
  5. Equipment Transfer - Photos of any Equipment and related paperwork
Once complete tap on Close

Delivery Location

TransVirtual can provide location details for the address of the delivery
Tap on the icon and you will be presented with the below screen where the delivery location has a pin on the map

Additionally you can tap on Directions and this will load the address into your chosen app on your device for navigation

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