Load (ios)

Load (ios)

The load page is used to scan items, consignments or manifests that are being loaded for delivery.

Item Scanning

On the Main Page tap on the Load button
You will be presented with the below screen

The screen will open with the camera triggered and ready
Hold the device over your barcode ensuring the Barcode appears within the visible screen area
The screen will then load and display the scanned consignment along with the number of items scanned vs the total items for the consignment as below

Once both items are scanned the tick will turn green
When all consignments/items have been scanned you can select Leave Depot


Consignments which are assigned via the web portal will appear in the load screen as below Un-Ticked, these will need to be scanned or manually ticked to flow through to delivery

Consignment Level

When scanning the consignment number to load the device these will appear as highlighted below without Item information

Sort Order

Within the load page you are able to re-order the consignments into delivery order and also reverse the order by selecting the below

You will then be presented with the below screen

You can press hold and drag the icon next to the consignment you wish to move
Alternatively you can press on Reverse Order to flip the consignment order and select Done
You consignments will now appear in the new order set


The Camera will be activated when entering this screen
It can be disabled by pressing on icon as highlighted below


You can also access the menu from this screen by pressing on the icon as highlighted below

You will then be presented with the below options

Logout - Logs current user out of this device
Settings - Access the device settings page
Clear Unselected - Clears any consignments from the load screen which are unselected e.g.
Create Manifest - This will create a General Manifest of the consignments currently in the load page and subsequently remove these from this device.

Leave Depot

Upon selecting Leave Depot you will be required to confirm Yes/No

Additionally this screen indicates the number of consignments and the combined dead weight of these consignments
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