Warehouse Movements

Warehouse Movements

Warehouse Movements

In TransVirtual you have the ability to track your stock movements.
This feature was put in place to assist with tracking stock items in your warehouse.
To learn how to use this feature, please follow the below instructions.

To find your movement actions page, simply go to Warehouse > Operational Tasks > Movement Activities.
This will take you to the below page:

Within this page you can check movements that are waiting to occur, are currently occurring or have occurred already.
Inside of each movement you will have all required information located on the right hand side.
This information includes:

- Overview movement information
- Stock item information
- Bin movement source/sending bin
- Bin movement destination/receiving bin

Now something to note is that this page has four different actions:

- Movement Allocation
- Awaiting Movement
- Active Movement
- Completed Movements

In this article we will be reviewing the step by step process of a movement and showing all capabilities within each action of this page.
So we will begin with the first step of a movement, which can be a sales order or an inventory movement.

Beginning a manual movement

To begin a movement in this example we will use the inventory activities page as there is already a sales order process article available here.
The actions of Awaiting Movement and Active Movement align with the sales order process, you will see this when following the sales order article.
First step for manual movement is to go to Warehouse > Administration > Inventory Activities > Stay in the action "by bin".
Here we have the ability to view our bin locations and what stock is held within those bins:

Now to begin we are going to create a manual movement by selecting the bin/stock item on the left and then selecting the button.
This will present you with a pop up that allows you to select the bin that the stock is being moved to.
To move your stock you need to select the plus icon and then enter the quantity being moved.
Then simply select the create button.

Once you have created the movement you will be able to return to your movements page.

Monitoring and Completing a Manual Movement

Now reverting back our movement page (Warehouse > Operational Tasks > Movement Activities) you will be able to see your movement sitting there in the Movement Allocation action.
Again you can see your movement information in the tabs on the right hand side, you will notice the ability to adjust your movement quantity, movement and comment and you can even adjust the bins you are moving the stock to and from, however, you will also notice these two buttons:

These two buttons will either allow you to manually complete a pick or delete a pick.
We want to manually complete the pick, this will move us to the completed movements page as this is a manual movement.

Completed Movements

For completed movements you can review everything recorded about the movement.
The difference within this action is the ability to view, alter and create finance charges.
You will notice this in the finance tab on the right hand side.
Now these charges will stem from any movement carge rate cards you have setup, you can view how this works here.
From this finance tab you can adjust pricing, apply pricing to invoices and even create manual adhoc charges.
Simply select the button to create the manual charge, you will be required to add in the customer, charge type and quantity.


So in conclusion this page tracks the movements of your stock, it has 4 actions/stages of process which alter based on the starting movement.
This is a useful feature within the warehousing module that can be used for stock tracking, history and finances.

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