Uploading and Processing Paper POD Images

Uploading and Processing Paper POD Images

Uploading and Processing Paper POD Images

  1. In the TransVirtual Web Portal, Select the following: Home > Image Processing > Upload/Process Images

  1. This will open a window that allows you to upload images and start processing them.

  1. Click to select or drag your images into the "Drop files here or click to upload box"

  2. This will then create a batch of the images you uploaded

  1. Click on Process images & this will bring up the batch summary page.

  1. This provides an overview of the batch. Images of the left, details of images on the right and batch information at the top.

  2. Details of the batch information and its settings are  as follows;

  • Batch User: The user that created the batch

  • Batch Comment: A field you can store information about the batch your working on, ie Driver, Agent or Customer

  • State: The current state of the batch.

  • Supplier/Agent: Assign the Agent/Supplier if you know it comes from such. This helps refine the search to consignments delivered by this agent

  • Progress: How many of the batch images have been processed and assigned

  • Batch Number: Assign your own batch number or use the automatically generated batch number.

  • Batch Date: The date the batch was loaded into TransVirtual

  • Customer Limited: Limited the assignment to a consignment with this customer.

  1. Click "Step 1 - Data Entry Wizard" to bring up the Data Entry Page for each image

  1. In the top right hand corner of the page is a switch to "Skip Completed". Enable this so your only seeing images that need to be assigned
  2. At the top of this page is the consignment information. TransVirtual will attempt to scan the page for a barcode and allocated the image where possible. If this is not possible you can type in the consignment number in the "Number To Assign" field and click the search box next to is. From here you can select the appropriate connote. Once the connote has been found, fill out the details for
    "Receiver Name", "Date of Event" and "Time of event".
    On the right of the delivery details is the type of image you are allocating. Select the appropriate image type and then click next.
    At the bottom of the screen is a preview of the image, you can put your mouse over this to zoom in or use the image manipulation tools in the top right to Zoom, Rotate etc.
    Once complete, click on the Next Button.
  3. Once all items have been allocated, you will be brought back to the Image Batch summary page and there will be a "Step 2 - Lodge/Save Image Batch" button in the top left. Once you click on this and confirm, the images will be allocated to the appropriate connotes and any EDI rules will be evaluated and run.


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