Sub Consignments

Sub consignments are created when a piece of freight enters the supply chain without a corresponding consignment note existing in the system.
This must be enabled in the global Settings to work. Please go to Configuration > General > Global Setup and Allow Subdockets to enabled.
To perform/create the sub consignment, first enable the subdocket.

1. This sub-consignment works when you receive an item from a customer or as an agent and on scanning, a matching consignment entry isn't found, in this case in the mobile app a pop up will display Not found on server
2. To go ahead, in mobile app there is an option which allows you to create a sub consignment which will be displayed in this list.
See Mobile Help for more details.

3. When consignment details are entered or uploaded into TransVirtual, the sub consignment will automatically be merged with the consignment including data such as status changes and updates from mobile devices.
4. Sub consignment's need to be managed.  If there is many of them appearing unusually it could be a sign that there is an EDI Data import issue or that a barcode has changed format. If it is a data transfer issue, it will be resolved when that issue has been resolved.

Automatic Conversion

If a sub-consignment is created and subsequently, we receive data from your customer these should match together, and data will update accordingly.

Manual Conversion

If no data is expected from your customer, you will need to update the details of the consignment sender and receiver details and ensure all the consignment item details are correct. Once this is done within the admin tab you can convert this sub-consignment to a consignment as below


1. If you are to end up with a consignment as well as a sub-consignment and need to fix this, you can convert the sub-consignment manually as above and delete the consignment which has no data.

2. Alternatively, you can ensure the consignment numbers match the consignment and select Trigger Re-discovery from Transport > Administration > Sub Consignments.
3. In addition to the above, you are unable to merge a sub-consignment and consignment if both have been delivered/completed. If the situation occurs where you have an existing delivered consignment and a sub-consignment with the same number is then created, the sub-consignment should be cancelled.
4. Merging a delivered sub-consignment and a delivered consignment does not make sense as only one should be delivered if they are for the same job.