Settings (ios)

Settings (ios)

In the mobile app a range of settings are available to change the functionality of the application


From any page of the app tap on the menu icon at the top right of the screen
and the tap on settings from the drop down as below

You will then be presented with the below screen

From here you can update various settings from the device


This should always be set to unless otherwise advised. If requested by TransVirtual you can tap on this as below and Reset to Default


If this device moves between locations and scanning/deliveries are performed on behalf of these locations you can tap the headport name and select from the
drop-down as below


To set the vehicle currently being used tap on the vehicle and you will be present the below screen

tap on the icon to expand either Recent Vehicles or All Vehicles
then you will be presented with a list of vehicles, tap on the vehicle you wish to select

Allows for you to select which mobile app you wish to use for Navigation

Hide Assigned

This setting allows for Assigned jobs which haven't been scanned to be hidden

Hide Delivered

This settings allows for Delivered consignments to be hidden from the delivery list
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