Equipment Types

Equipment Types

In TransVirtual you are able to setup equipment types to track against customers, agents and drivers. Examples being pallets, containers, cages, etc.

Equipment Types

You can access the setup for Equipment Types via  Equipment Type List ( Settings > Lists and Zones > Equipment Type List). 

1. Select New Equipment Type as per below:

2. Enter an Equipment Type Name and then click create:

3. You will see that the new equipment type has been created on the left:

4. Click on the new equipment type and you will see something similar to this appear on the right-hand side:
This section is used to filter and differentiate the different equipment types to apply correctly.

5. You will need to input information into these fields so that these equipment types apply correctly: 
  1. Where it says AKA-this is very useful if you want the ability to charge per equipment type on consignments. Required AKA names are EquipmentType1Count, EquipmentType2Count and so on for each of the different equipment types. 
  2. In the data Filter you may want to tailor this to ask drivers for equipment counts; so in the above when the freight item is a skid, the driver will be asked how many skids there are. 
6. Make sure you hit update after each change you make to ensure it is saved. 

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