Search/Find a Runsheet

Search/Find a Runsheet

Search/Find a Runsheet

This article describes how to find a run sheet using the Web Portal.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the Search Runsheet page by going to Home > Runsheets > Search.

  1. You will be presented with a page like follows;

  1. Here you can search via any of the boxes below the header row:

    Simply type in your search criteria and click enter.

  2. You can select a date range at the top-right:

    The results that display will be Runsheets with a date within your selected range.

  3. You can create a data filter:

    Clicking this Filter button will then display the below:

    Here you can build a query that can be saved and quickly used to search and look for results in the table.
    This works much the same as most other data filters in TransVirtual; simply build the data filter using steps 1-3 and once your query is complete click the show results button which will determine if your query worked as expected (results will display if any present and the filter is setup correctly).
    Doing this then saves the query and it can then be selected from the list of saved queries:

    If required, you can also make this a shared query so that others may use this filter in your account. To do this simply click back on Filter and click the Shared Query option, then click show results to save this change:

    The filter now appears like this in the list meaning other users can access it if need be:

  4. Double click any Runsheet to view its details OR right-click and open in new window to achieve the same result.

  5. You can add in or remove the columns using the column selector; similarly to the consignment search page and others in TransVirtual:
    Click Update at the bottom of the pop-up window to save any changes made.

  6. If more than one page of results, use the page selector at the bottom to scroll through the results:

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