Search (ios)

Search (ios)

In the TransVirtual app you can search consignments via scanning barcodes or typing consignment numbers and perform some actions on the consignments.


From the Home Menu tap on Search
You will be presented with the below screen with the camera activated ready to scan

Hold you camera over the Barcode to be scanned or tap in the Enter/Scan Barcode box to type in the number
Once the consignment details have loaded you will be presented with the screen below

You will be able to see details such as the status of the consignment, details of delivery/pickup suburb, Item details and associated scans, any deliveries which have taken place and any comments entered against the consignment.
Additionally you can perform some actions against the consignment
Tap on the  icon at the top right and you will be presented with the below options

  1. Add Comment - adds a comment to the consignment for notes and records
  2. Add Photo - Adds a photo against the Consignment for records
  3. Edit Booking - Allows for the delivery/pickup booking date/time to be changed or set along with comments
  4. Check Weights - Allows for the dimensions or weights of the items to be updated if required

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