Scan (ios)

Scan (ios)

In the TransVirtual app you can create scan events for freight as it move the the Consignment cycle


Tap on the Scan Icon from the Home page
You will be presented with the below screen with the camera activated ready to scan

From here you have various options dependent on the type of scan you are performing
  1. Headport - This is your depot location within your business so the scan can be recorded against the correct location
  2. Scan Type - This is the type of scan your recording dependant on where the associated freight is at in its life
  3. Scan Tag - Any additional tags can be setup and recorded against scans
  4. Destination - With linehaul scans you will have the additional option of a destination location for where the freight is destined
  5. Select Vehicle - Additionally with linehaul scans you will have the option to define the vehicle used for the linehaul
Select the settings associated with the scans to be performed as above then hold the camera over your barcode
There is no requirement to save scans this happens automatically

Scan Manifests

Once you have performed your scans you can create a scan manifest
Select the icon from the top right hand corner and select Create Manifest
You will then be presented with the below screen

You will be presented with a few options
  1. Scans from current user only - Manifests will be created from all scans of this type performed in your business or this can be limited to current user only
  2. Limit to scan tag - The manifest can be limited to the current scan tag on this device
  3. Scans to Include - This allows you to change the timeframe over which scans performed will be included in the manifest
Once your appropriare options have been chosen tap on Create

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