Sales Order Process

Sales Order Process

Sales Order Process

So now you have your initial setup done within your Warehouse module, lets look at going through a standard sales order process. 
The process relies on outbound movements, these outbound movements have multiple functions and capabilities in which you can manipulate your stock data.
So lets get started with the first obvious movement, creation.

Sales Order Creation

Firstly navigate to the Warehouse Menu > Operational Tasks > Orders > Create New:

To create a sales order, simply enter the below information:
- Customer
- Receiving Location Name/Address/Contact
- Any order information 
- Items on the order

To add items to the order you can type and select from the service/stock column or you can select the "Search for Items" tab and then select the "+" to add stock.

As with other pages in TV, you can also select the  to adjust or change any of the columns you have displaying.

Once you have entered in all the information required, you can select the "Save" button.
This will then take us to the next step.

Picker Allocation

Now if you do not have a default picker setup in your warehouse, you can allocate you sales order to be picked here.
Simply select your sales order on the left then double click the required picker or select the plus button next to their name:

This Sales Order will then be assigned to that picker.

Awaiting Pick

Now your Sales Order is waiting to be picked by the previously allocated picker. 
You have a few options on the right side, you can print, complete or create a connote.
We will be completing the pick by selecting the  button.

Consignment Creation

Consignment creation is the last step in the sales order process, all that is required is to confirm the items picked, confirm the items being dispatched and then entering dimensions of freight.
You can also tick the items you have packed by the check boxes on the left if you would like to combine them into the one consignment/shipment (This will only work if the receiving locations are the same).

Once you enter all the required details, simply select .

You will then be presented with the opportunity to create the consignment, you can edit the connote date if needed, then select .

This will then move you over to the transport side of things where you can process the connote for shipment.


This is a BASIC sales order process which shows how a simple sales order can be moved through the system.
If this process is followed properly the sales order > consignment flow will be clean and consistent.

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