Route Optimisation - App Functionality

Route Optimisation - App Functionality

Route Optimisation

Basic Driver Workflow:

If using consignment auto allocation rules start from Step 2.
  1. From the Load Screen manually scan consignments to the device.
  2. Tap the sort button to view the order of the scanned or auto allocated consignments.
  3. The visualize button  will be displayed on the app bar at the top of the screen. This will provide a graphic representation of the route reflecting the current sort/scan order. This step is available to all users.
  4. You can return to the sort screen at any time by pressing the sort icon. Reorder your drops and view your route again as required.
  5. If you have enabled the route optimization module you can optimize your deliveries by pressing the optimize button. This will calculate the shortest driving route to visit all locations.
  6. After optimizing, you can view your new route to identify any anomalous locations or refine the order based on your local knowledge.
Note: The optimized route takes into account the shortest driving distance required to visit each location. The map showing the optimized route will only display the route with point to point information.

Delivery ETA Time

With the route optimization module enabled, TransVirtual has the ability to provide accurate ETA times which can be updated as the driver progresses through their run. An initial ETA time is calculated and stored at the time the driver selects Leave Depot from their load screen. The time taken to travel between each drop is then stored and used for updated calculations as the run progresses.

Up to date ETA's are displayed in a number of locations and are useful across a variety of roles.
  1. Displayed on the drivers delivery screen, it provides a quick representation of upcoming locations and distances between drops as well as allowing drivers to monitor their current progress.
  2. Customer service staff have access to ETA information on the consignment tracking tab allowing them to give more accurate delivery estimates.
  3. Operations staff can make more informed decisions when allocating pickups or redirecting drivers to additional locations.
  4. Receivers get access to more accurate delivery times and can even provide ATL instructions online if they cannot be present to accept a delivery.

ETA Email Notifications

Email notifications can be sent:
  1. Approximately 30 minutes before ETA
  2. Approximately 15 minutes before ETA
You can choose to enable either of these rules or both. Each minute the system will check if the ETA of each drop has entered these trigger periods and send the selected notifications.

Technical Information 

This module provides powerful tools but as with any piece of software there are limitations. You will need to be aware of the following points when working with this module.

Location data and hence routing results can only be as good as the address data that is provided.

Additional characters, numbers or comments in address fields may impact on the systems ability to be able to accurately plot locations and route drivers. To minimize this, we have implemented a set of custom algorithms to ensure that address and location data is as accurate as possible.

What can you do about this?

All staff and customers need to be vigilant and make every effort to ensure all consignment fields are entered as accurately as possible. Drivers who identify delivery addresses with incorrect location information can report these to administration staff who can correct the location via the address lists.

What does TransVirtual do about this?

Prior to the original release of this module, the entire address database across all users was scanned, cleaned and refined to improve poor quality data. The GPS readings of previous POD's for a location was compared to the address location data to identify and correct discrepancies. Addresses that are part of the optimization process will regularly be checked and compared to historical signature/POD GPS data to ensure that they are as accurate as possible.

The larger the number of locations being optimized, the longer the optimization will take.

This is a mathematical reality that stems from the complicated nature of the calculations being completed. All software strikes a balance between the time taken to optimize a route and the quality of the optimization. That means when given 10 seconds, a reasonably efficient route might be generated for a set of locations. Given 30 seconds, and the same set of locations, a more efficient route might be obtained.
It's important for all users to realize that this module DOES NOT remove the need for a driver to use common sense and local knowledge when reviewing the optimized route. This should be done BEFORE leaving the depot to identify possible anomalies, as a critical last step to ensure the most efficient route, and to ensure that ETA's that are generated are as accurate as possible.

Optimization requests may be limited to ensure continuity of service.

The time and resources required to process these requests mean that there may be restrictions of the number of times a route can be optimized. This is to ensure that a consistently high level of service can be provided to all users wishing to take advantage of these features.

This module makes use of data and/or services provided by third parties

TransVirtual always maintains contingency plans and takes every effort to ensure that we provide a consistently high availability of services. We cannot however be held responsible if for any reason the data/services being provided by a third party are not available for a period of time. In the unlikely event that this happens, all payments being made for the effected service (module) will be suspended until such time that they can be reinstated or an alternative option can be implemented.

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