This article will describe how to perform a basic delivery within the TransVirtual mobile application.
  1. From the main page, after loading your consignment(s)/item(s), tap on the delivery button

  1. This will present all the consignments loaded from the loading screen in the order loaded or adjusted.

  1. Tapping on the box to the right hand side of the consignment will enable you to see the details of the consignment and its delivery

  1. Tapping on the  button will show the delivery location on a map.

  2. Tapping on the  button will allow you to take a photo and assign it against the consignment

  3. Tapping on the  button will allow you to take a signature for the consignment(s)/item(s)

  1. Enter or Select the recipients name. (Recipients names that have been delivered to previously will be selectable)

  1. Recipient can sign on the device screen in the box

  2. Tap on complete to finalise the consignment.

Scan at Location

To do a scan at location, simply select to scan when you are in the delivery page, once synced to TransVirtual, you will see the at location scan in the history tab as per below:

When a delivery is performed TransVirtual will also attempt to record the GPS. Depending on the device and the associated permissions this may or may not be possible.
Signatures should always be obtained at the delivery location and not otherwise as this can impact any time/distance rate calculations as well as reporting.

Delivery Issues

If a delivery is unsuccessful/driver is unable to obtain a signature
  1. Follow the instructions from the Performing a Delivery article until you get to the signature page.
  2. Tap on the Delivery Action button
  3. Tap on the list beside the label "Issue?" to be presented with a list of issues you can select from
    1. Complete
    2. Rejected
    3. Declined Reattempt
    4. Card Left
    5. Left as Instructed
    6. Short
    7. Check Address
    8. Closed
  4. Tap on the field next to the label "Comment" and enter any additional comments about the delivery issue.
  5. Tapping on the  button against the extra charge will allow you to take a photo and assign it against the consignment.
  6. Tapping on the  button will return you to the signature page
  7. Tap on "Complete" when finished entering your delivery issue

Additional Services

If an additional service is performed on a particular delivery, drivers can flag this for any potential charges
  1. Follow the instructions for the Performing a Delivery as above until you get to the signature page.
  2. Tap on the extra charges button
  3. Tick the box beside the extra change to enter details about the extra charge
  4. Tapping on the button against the extra charge will allow you to take a photo and assign it against the consignment and the extra charge.
  5. Tap on the "Save" at the bottom to save the changes
  6. Tapping on the "OK" button will return you to the signature page to complete the delivery

Multi Drop and Linked Addresses

If needed, mobile users have the ability to perform 'Multi Drops' which is where more than one consignment is delivered at the same time. Doing so links the addresses of each consignment permanently; however this link can be broken if needed.

Performing a Multi Drop

1. On the Delivery section of the TransVirtual app you will see listed your current deliveries.
2. Tap and Hold the first delivery you want to be part of your Multi Drop so that the delivery has a tick against it.

3. If you wish to do a Multi drop for 2 consignments you will have to Tap and Hold the tick box for the first consignment and then just Tap the second consignment tick box. If however, you wish to do a Multi Drop for 3 or more consignments you will need to Tap and Hold each consignment's tick box until you get to the last consignment you wish to add-where you will need only to Tap the tick box. So,  Tap and Hold to add and keep adding, and Tap only to add and end the list of consignments in the Multi Drop.  

4. Once you see the above screen select YES to continue through to delivery completion or NO to exit back to delivery screen where you can add more consignments to this Multi Drop if you wish; or where you can cancel the Multi Drop if needed. Once you select YES you will see a screen like this:

5. Tap the pen icon to perform the Multi Drop-or if needed you can complete the consignments individually by selecting from the bottom. Tap the pen icon to continue through to the signature page. Click complete once jobs are signed for and done.

6. The deliveries will now appear in green, indicating they have been completed.

Linked Addresses

Performing a Multi Drop links the addresses of the consignments together in the system. These addresses, once linked will stay linked unless the link is actively broken.

1. To view or break a link go to Home > Card Files > Address List

2. Here you will see a list of the addresses in your system. Type into the name field the name of a Receiver to display all relevant results. 

3. On the right you will see the relevant information for this address/place. There is a Linked Address Locations section that details any addresses that have been linked to your current selection; and what part they form in the arrangement; parent or child.
Click on the link icon to break the link between these two places.

4. Breaking a link does not delete any addresses. If you break a link you can always re-link if required. The link can also only be broken through the linked child address. There will not be any option to break the link through the parent address:

Note: Linking addresses via Multi Drop on a device will only occur for Receiver locations that have the same state; no link will be created when the addresses are from different states. 

Short Delivery

TransVirtual allows users the ability to perform short deliveries if required - short deliveries are simply those where only part (not all) of the consignment total items are delivered. 
There are a few different ways a Short Delivery can be performed; see below:

Note: This article focuses on the Android mobile application, but the IOS app performs in much the same way - only real difference is the app aesthetics (IOS app looks different to Android app). 

Short Deliveries via Item Scanning

For this method, the user will load scan a consignment by scanning only part of the consignment total items. For example:

The above consignment has 2 items on it.
In this example, the driver will only scan 1 of the 2 items because only 1 pallet has arrived in depot.
After scanning just the one item, the consignment will look like this within TransVirtual:

The status will show as Assigned and the history tab will show an assignment to the driver/user that scanned the label and the assignment type will show as via Mobile Scan.

On the driver's app, within the load page, the consignment will display like so:

Note: You will need to below setting enabled within your account to scan and display at an item level:

This setting is found within the Global Setup page of your account.

In the above, you can see that the consignment load is showing as 1/2 which simply means only 1 of the 2 total items have been loaded thus far.

From here, the driver simply needs to click Leave Depot at the bottom of the Load page:

The driver then should follow the prompts and confirm YES, leaving depot.
Doing so pushes the consignment across to the Delivery page:

The consignment will show as 1/2 items here also.

Simply tap on the consignment to deliver as you would with any other 'standard' consignment and upon clicking the consignment you will see a popup like the below appear:

Check YES, IS SHORT to confirm you are delivering short.
Alternatively, if the delivery is not actually short and an error was made update the qty being delivered to the full consignment total and click NO, NOT SHORT.

After clicking YES, IS SHORT proceed through with delivery to the signature page:

You will notice a red watermark displaying the text Short.
This indicates the consignment is being delivered Short/not in full.
Obtain a signature and then click COMPLETE at the bottom to finalize:

The consignment will then appear like the below in the web portal:

The POD and signature will display as Short and the consignment status will display as In Transit because the expectation is that the remainder of the freight is In Transit/on it's way to you for delivery.

Short Delivery via item de-selection

Another way in which a user can perform a short delivery is via item de-selection.

For this example, the consignment in question has been assigned to a driver via the web portal rather than by a driver load scanning the freight labels.
This would include a user assigning the connote to a driver via the allocation page, via the assignment button in the history tab of a consignment or via auto-assignment rules.
When this occurs, the consignment shows like the below on the driver's app:

In the above there is no item count displayed because the consignment has been assigned at an item level, rather than via item-level scanning as displayed in the first example (just above).

From here, driver should click on the consignment then click LEAVE DEPOT:

The driver should then follow the prompts and confirm YES, leaving depot.
Doing so then moves the consignment to the delivery page where the consignment will look like the below:

No item counts are shown here either in keeping with the load page.
From here, click the consignment and proceed through to signature page as per a 'standard' consignment:

To perform a Short Delivery from here, click the Delivery issues button at the top of the page:

You will then see a screen similar to the below:

The driver will then need to de-select the item they are not delivering, like so:

Doing so then automatically changes the Issue type to be Short as the delivery is now not being performed in full.

From here, click the pen icon at the top of the page:

The user will then be taken to the signature page where they should obtain a signature and then mark complete:

The consignment will then be delivered short and like with the example above, a short POD, signature will display and the status will show as In Transit:

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