Manual Pickup Allocation (via Allocation Screen) QSG

Manual Pickup Allocation (via Allocation Screen) QSG

Manual Pickup Allocation (via Allocation Screen)

On the TMS Web Portal, go to Transport > Operational Tasks > Pickup Allocation.

1.       To allocate a job, select it by clicking on a row or tick the checkbox far left. You can tick multiple checkboxes if required.

2.       Sender and job details will be displayed in the Information and Assignment panel (top right) for review.   

3.       Drivers will be listed below by distance from the sender address, closest first based on last known GPS location.

4.       Click the drivers name to allocate the job(s) and confirm the prompt.  


  1. Clicking the GPS pin under to driver shows the current location popup.
  2. Clicking the driver’s profile shows user information.
  3. Clicking the PU/DEL buttons far right shows the drivers run progress.
  4. There is a colour legend at the bottom of the page.

Change Allocation

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 above then select a different driver in step 4.

Un-allocate a Job

  1. Repeat steps 1-2 above then click the ‘Unallocate’ button top right.   

Common Status/Colours

·         Pickup Received (red) – job needs to be allocated.

·         Pending Pickup Acknowledge (orange) – job allocated, driver hasn’t accepted.

·         Driver Pickup Acknowledge (green) – driver has accepted, not yet completed.  

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