Location Drop Vs Depot Collection

Location Drop Vs Depot Collection

Location Drop Vs Depot Collection

Location Drop:

A Location Drop is where a delivery has been made to an alternate location to the receiver's direct address i.e. a Post Office, Service station etc. Commonly used in remote delivery situations where it may not be cost effective to service an address. Location Drop can be setup in TransVirtual using Mobile POD Forced Tags-Locations Drop; which can be found under Settings > Lists and Zones > Dictionary Lists:

These tags can be used when delivering freight and are a way of displaying that the freight has been delivered to somewhere other than the receiver's actual address.

To apply a Location Drop Tags:
1. Tap the Delivery Actions icon at the top of the signature screen.
2. Choose the Location Drop option from the drop down menu
3. Add the appropriate POD Tag. 

An automated EDI event (email/sms) can be triggered by the location drop tag when a delivery is completed to inform the receiver their delivery has arrived at the designated location

Depot Collection:

Depot Collection allows you to record a receiver collecting freight from a depot. Depot Collection is typically triggered by a scan such as depot in at the receiving depot. This can trigger an automated EDI event (email/SMS) to the receiver notifying then that their freight has arrived and is ready for collection  

To Scan the freight you'll need a custom scan type like 'Depot Collect' (Settings > Lists and Zones > Freight Scan Types)
these can be created using one of the Reserved Scans.

Enter 'Depot Collect' to the 'Your Name' field of an empty scan type which when enabled will display in the mobile app. 
Note: You will not be able to change the Freight Scan Name as this is the name of that scan in the database.
By default, doing this scan will not change the job status, but it can trigger EDI events to notify the receiver when setup. Best practice would see a 'Depot In' scan done, and then a scan of 'Depot Collection' which should leave the consignment status as 'In Depot'. 


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