Location Drop via Barcode Scanning

Location Drop via Barcode Scanning

Location Drop-Barcode Scanning

Some delivery locations may have a barcode (on a wall or bench etc) that can be scanned by delivery drivers in order for them to say 'I have arrived at this location and have completed the job'.
This can be done in TransVirtual by linking the relevant barcode numbers for the location to a specific type of delivery; as defined in TransVirtual. The below will provide you with an understanding on how to setup and implement this. 

How to

1. To start with, you will need to know what barcode number for the delivery location is. The example we will be using is 9310045400217. This number is located underneath the barcode:

2. Once you have the barcode number, you need to enter this under a Delivery type. Navigate to Settings > Lists and Zones > Dictionary Lists. Here you will see this:

It is possible to set this process up for something other than Location Drop, however it makes the most sense to list this as a Location Drop as that is the nature of this type of job-generally speaking.

3. Click on the 'Add' button and enter in the barcode number for this location. Once you do this, you will see it appear in your list:

4. From here, load up a consignment as per usual and go through the delivery process as you normally would until you reach the signature page. When you arrived here you have the option to scan a barcode either on the signature page itself or via the delivery issues page:

5. Use the scan function on your device to scan the barcode. Once you do this you will see this message appear:

Scanning the barcode you have setup populates the delivery type to be a Location drop:

The only thing you need to do from here is a get a signature/take any photos as per normal:

6. Complete the job as per normal. This consignment will now be completed with all relevant PODs:

Useful Information

It is possible to setup EDI rules to be used in conjunction with this. You may want this setup so that when a driver checks into this location an email alert is sent to the relevant people this being a basic example; much more is possible via the use of EDIs. 
Another thing to note is that if a barcode value is scanned that is not currently mapped in to the system you will see this warning message:

This message is letting you know that the scanned value does not match anything in the system and gives you the option to add this value to the driver notes and complete the job. If you were to select YES to this, you will see that the job issue is Complete and the comment will list the barcode value-this displays in the history tab of the consignment on the Web Portal. 

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