In-Line Data Filter

In-Line Data Filter

In-Line Data Filter

Within Transvirtual when you have a table of consignments, invoices or Manifests etc you will find under the column headings a filter box. The below assists with some advanced features of these filters.

Step by Step Guide

Under each heading you can type what you would like to filter the data too e.g in below you could type OnD in the status column to find all consignments that are in the status 'OnDelivery'

Some advanced ways to use these filters are as follows

Date Fields

  1. one number will filter to that day in the current month
  2. A number range will filter to those days with the current month e.g. 5-6 will find items dated from the 5th till the 6th of the current month
  3. day/month would find consignments on the dat of the month e.g. 5/10 would find consignments dated 5th of October in the current year
  4. A date range can also be entered with months e.g. 5/10-6/10 would be used to find consignments from the 5th till 6th of October
  5. You can also do the above including a year e.g. 5/10/2019 or 5/10/19-6/10/2019
  6. You can also use some symbols to assist <, >, <=, >=.
    1. >5 will find all consignments after the 5th of the current month
    2. >=5 will filter to consignments including the 5th and after the current month
    3. <5 to find consignments before the 5th
    4. <=5 to find consignments including the 5th and before

Number Fields

  1. You can utilise > greater than < less than the number you enter e.g. >5 to find consignments with a quantity greater than 5 items

Text Fields

  1. ! symbol can be used to not include text e.g. !OnD could be used to find consignments not on for delivery in status's
  2. % symbol is used as a wildcard and can be used before or after text 
    1. %Smith to find fields ending in Smith e.g. a name field
    2. Michael% to find names starting with Michael 
    3. %Smith% to find fields containing Smith e.g. an address field where it may be 5 Smith St

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