Flagged Comments

Flagged Comments

Flagged Comments

TransVirtual has a section called 'Flagged Comments' which is essentially an easy-to-read list of all consignments that have had comments made against them-via the Communication tab and been flagged. 

1. To navigate the flagged comments, On Transvirtual web app, go to Transport > Administration > Flagged Comments, the Flagged Comments Screen will come as shown below.


2. To see the consignment related information, either click on the consignment number or checkbox, the detail of the Consignment will come on right side of the screen as shown below.
3.  On Flagged comment screen, you can do a variety of things which include adding comments, creating a service ticket, clearing the flag or viewing the consignment. You can also use the 'Show Customer' or 'Show Agent/Supplier' toggles to display the comments to customers or agents if you wish to do so by clicking on appropriate button. 
4. If the comment has been responded to and/or there is no longer any issue that needs attending to, you can use the clear flag button to remove the comment/consignment from this list by clicking on Clear Flag button as shown below.


Note: You can clear bulk flags by ticking the relevant check boxes next to the consignments and clicking the Clear Flags button.

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