Consignments Reports

Consignments Reports

This consignment report provides many useful reports that can be further filtered for specific requirements

Reports>General Reports>Consignments (Legacy)

There is a base set of reports that cover the consignment states;

  • Bookings

  • Deliveries

  • Scanned in Depot, not Delivered (Based on Scan date)

  • Scanned in Depot not delivered (Based on Consignment Date)

  • Undelivered with No Scans

  • Delivered with no On Delivery Scans

  • Outstanding Pickups

  • Delivered Late

  • Delivered Ontime

  • Scanned First Late

  • Scanned First Ontime

  • Mobile Check weight/cube

  • Bookings Adjusted/Created

  • Scanned on Delivery, Not Delivered (Scan Date)

  • Scanned on Delivery, Not Delivered (Consignment Date)



From here you can further refine you data by using the Filter, Refer to the Data Filter for help on customising the filters. Once you have refined your search, you can save it for future use by clicking on the  Download and selecting "Save Designer Layout" and clicking ok.





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