Consignment Statuses

Consignment Statuses

In TransVirtual, statuses play a big part in illustrating how a consignment is traveling or at what point a consignment has reached in its lifecycle.
Statuses simply depict the current state of a consignment.
The below chart illustrates the typical status changes that will occur when performing either a pickup or delivery.

Statuses come in two different types:

1) Indefinite Status - A consignment can remain in this status forever/until something triggers it to change.

2) Transient Statuses will appear in Italics.
Examples of these types of statuses are Mobile - Card Left and Mobile - Location Closed, etc.
Consignments only remain in a Transient Status momentarily before progressing to another status E.g. On Delivery (Indefinite) > Mobile - Location Closed (Transient) > Returning Depot - Location Closed (Indefinite).

The above flow chart makes reference to assignment where a consignment currently In Transit (status) will change to Assigned (status) when it has been assigned to an agent or driver; this process requires additional setup and for more information on how this can be achieved, please click here.

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