Consignment Creation Presentation

Consignment Creation Presentation

Consignment Creation Presentation 

The attached presentation is designed to provide your customers with an overview of how to create a consignment. There is a high level of customisation around this process so what works for one customer booking a single consignment once a week, won't work for another customer who books dozens of consignments a day.   

Using these resources

Minor Changes

You are free to download the attached file and make basic changes (add logos, contact details, website links etc) as required to suit your individual requirements. No approval is required from us for these changes but you assume all responsibility for the accuracy of the content. If you send us a copy of the finished file, we're happy to review it and provide any feedback if required.   

Major Changes 

Should you wish to make significant changes to the file, we request that you provide a copy of the final version (before distributing it) to us to ensure that the information contained in it is accurate. We respect your hard work and intellectual property and would never reuse or redistribute your work without your explicit permission. Our overriding motivation is to ensure that wherever possible, accurate and high quality information about TransVirtual and how it works is being published.

If you have any questions at all please contact us. 

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