Cloud Print Utility Installation

Cloud Print Utility Installation

TransVirtual is a cloud based service and your desktop security permissions mean our servers are unable to print documents directly to your local printers.


We have developed a Windows based utility that will run silently in the background on your computer (or server) and periodically check TransVirtual's cloud servers for any pending print jobs. The utility will then retrieve these jobs and print them to your selected local printer.


This utility is required for all system/auto generated print jobs such as runsheets, manifests, and reports. You may be required to run this program as Administrator.

Step 1 - Download and Install the TransVirtual Printer Utility

  1. Clicking this link Download will download the application. When the download has completed, run the installer and follow the prompts.

  2. At the end of the installation, your default printer will be added to the TransVirtual Printer Utility.

  3. If you go to Start -> All Programs -> TransVirtual Print Client -> Configuration and Status you will be presented with the following screen:

  1. Once here you can add new printer or delete printers you don't require.

Please note: You MUST Re-start the utility after adding or removing printers. Their is a button on this page to do this above the printer list.

Step 2 - Share your printer with TransVirtual

  1. Wait a minute after the installation for a page to print out that will give you a TransVirtual print code.

  2. In TransVirutal - go to Settings -> Lists and Zones -> Printer List

  3. Click on the Authorise Printer button.

  4. Enter the code of the printed "TransVirtual Printer Authorisation" sheet and click Submit

  5. Your printer will now be available throughout TransVirtual and you can configure reports and other features to automatically print to your printer - so long as the computer you installed the software on and the printer are both on.

Repeat the steps above for each of the printers you require access to print to from Trans Virtual.





Adding Additional Printers

1. In your start menu, scroll to the "T" section where you can find "TransVirtual Print Client" and enter into the configuration and status.

2. Select to add printer, follow the prompts to select the correct printer.

3. For this to update, you will need to select the "restart" button that is next to the status.

4. As stated in the pop up, a code will print out and you will need to enter that code in your TransVirtual account.
This can be located by going to Settings > Lists and Zones > Printer List.

5. In this page, you will need to authorise the required printer, to do this, select the authorise button and then enter the code that was printed out prior.

Adding Additional Printers Manually

To use more than one printer from the same computer, you will need to make a change to a print server file. 


  1. After you have installed the utility you will need to find the TransVirtualStorage.tdb file in the Print Server folder.

It can normally be found here:


Local Disk (C:)/Program Data/TransVirtualPrintServer/TransVirtualStorage.tdb

  1. Open this file using the Notepad application (right click and open with Notepad) The file will look like this:
    {'Printers':[{'PrinterName':'Canon MX920 series Printer WS','TransVirtualGuid':'abf1ecb1-dehd-4d25-a1d7-12dd94c6b5b2','PrinterEnabled':true},],'TransVirtualNumber':''}

  2. In order to add another printer you will need to edit the text to add another name. Replicate everything within the braces (highlighted below).


{'PrinterName':'Canon MX920 series Printer WS','TransVirtualGuid':'abf1ecb1-dehd-4d25-a1d7-12dd94c6b5b2','PrinterEnabled':true}



  1. It should look like this:


{'PrinterName':'Canon MX920 series Printer WS','TransVirtualGuid':'abf1ecb1-dehd-4d25-a1d7-12dd94c6b5b2','PrinterEnabled':true},

{'PrinterName':'Your new printer name','TransVirtualGuid':'','PrinterEnabled':true}



  • The new printer name has been added, exactly as it is represented on your PC and the long alpha-numeric-string has been removed

  • The syntax of this file is critical, ensure that there is a comma after the "}" bracket of the previous printer, there will not be a comma on the end of the last printer.

  1. Close the 'PrintServer' utility using the Task Manager and then re launch via the print server folder. The print dialogue box will appear and you can select the new printer you want to add. Wait for the print out and complete Step 2 above to finalise authorisation.


There may be times where the above doesn't quite work as expected.
Below are some of the more commonly seen 'problems' with possible suggestions on how to resolve.

The printer authorization code is not printing
If you have downloaded the printer app and the authorization code for a printer you are attempting to setup has not printed out, you can find it under C Drive > Program Data > TransVirtualPrintServer > Temp from within your file explorer.
This is a hidden folder though so you'll need to type into the search bar at the top to locate the correct folder.
To begin the search for this folder, you will need to type in 'C:\ProgramData' which will allow you to move through the appropriate file path.
Here will be the relevant print job containing the authorization code.

Failing this, you should be able to simply rename the printer itself from within the printer settings on your computer and then add again (to the app) as if a new printer.
This effectively 'resets' the process.

The Printer App needs restarting
If for any reason your printer app needs restarting more than once throughout the day, there may be the ability to use Task Scheduler or a similar program to have the printer app automatically restart when required.
Typically, the printer app will go to sleep when the computer/location it has been installed on is shutdown/closed.
Task Scheduler offers the ability to create routine tasks for your computer; one of which could be to have the TransVirtual printer app restart.
Please note - whilst this is possible to implement, setup and configuration is done at your own discretion. TransVirtual is not able to assist with setting up your Task Scheduler/similar program to perform this action as it would fall outside of TransVirtual scope, but please note that something to this effect is likely possible and may assist.

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